Date & Time
Tuesday - Sunday
  • Hofstrasse 15
  • 6300 Zug
  • Schweiz
14:00- 17:00
Additional info
  • Special needs

A very interesting museum for both the young and the old, the Prehistoric of Museum of Zug is great for a family visit.

Children will get to discover prehistoric work techniques, learn about clothes from different epochs and take home a home-made bone needle, all part of the didactic program of the Museum.

There are also special programs, guided tours and special exhibitions for all ages including preschool children. 

If you like you can plan your child's birthday party here as well and choose from one of the following themes:

In the Stone Age hunter camp

A pile piercing treat

Clothes make Celts

A Roman birthday

Information and registration by phone or e-mail at least 3 weeks before the event


Adults CHF 5

Adolescents from 16 - 20 years CHF 3

students, AHV, IV CHF 3

Children up to 16 years free

(Free admission on Sundays and public holidays)


Good Friday 19 April 19 open

Easter Saturday 20 April 19 open

Easter 21 April 19 open

Easter Monday 22 April 19 open

Labor Day 1 May 19 open

Driveway 30 May 19 open

Whit Saturday 8 June 19 open

Pentecost 9 June 19 open

Whit Monday 10 June 19 open

Corpus Christi 20 June 19 open

Federal holiday 1 August 19 open

Assumption of the Virgin Mary 15 August 19 open

All Saints' Day 1 November 19 open

Immaculate Conception 8 December 19 open

Christmas Eve 24th December 19 closed

Christmas 25th December 19 closed

Saint Stephen's Day 26th December 19 open

New Year's Eve 31st December 19 open

New Year's Day 1st January 20 closed

Berchtoldstag 2nd January 20 open

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